Mom moves to Watercrest

Watercrest at Mansfield

Mom celebrates after successful move (I'm sure that's not water!)

  • My dear Mother ... almost 93 ... moved in today to her new retirement community
  • My sister, whom I love and deeply appreciate, has been working daily for a month to help Mom pack up for this move
  • Next up:
    • Kathee and I visit Texas (last week of March) and Brother and his wife visit to sort through keepsakes
    • Estate sale (probably May)
    • House prepped for sale
    • House on the market (June 1st?)
I just noticed that Watercrest is so new that it displays weird in mapping (both Bing) (1st image = Aerial, 2nd = "bird's eye"):

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  1. The wide-angle shot of Mom with the wine glass (Olive Garden last night) makes it look like the glass of wine is about 64 oz!

    Knowing my sister ... probably was! :)


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