I survived # 18

Comment: Just a couple of more. March '14 ... March '15 .... then big countdown to October '15


  1. In 40 years of working ... I've had no job reviews (think ministry) ... I've never had a bad job review ... but only several times what I would call a great job review.

    I've been fortunate to never be laid off or out of work. I have had times when I was laid low by my accident (11 weeks hospitalized) and 3 other times out on short term disability (back surgery, and C-Diff twice). But I have had continuous paychecks for my entire career.

    I was really nervous about my review yesterday ... but it actually turned out to be a good review. Better than I deserved.

  2. I also should add .. to the Lord be the praise for His provisions!

  3. My last job review (Dec. 2012) I turned into a resignation notice. My boss knew it was possible I was leaving, so before starting the review he said "Before we start, can you tell me if there's even a point?"

    I ended up getting a counter-offer to stay (which I turned down), which I took as a sign my review would have been at least ok! :)


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