The Madness of the 2 Jacks

Let Us Prey: Big Trouble at First Baptist Church


Hyles demonstrated his power in the middle of a sermon one Sunday. “Notice the bones and the skull there,” he said as he raised a cup into which he told the congregation he was going to pour poison. “Now if I walked up to you tonight and I said to you, ‘I’ve got something I want you to drink . . .’ In fact”—he turned to Johnny Colsten, one of the men on the stage with him—“I’d like for you, if you don’t mind, to drink this.” Colsten, currently an associate pastor at First Baptist, did not hesitate. If Hyles wanted him to drink, he would. Hyles beamed.
Comment: Warning!! If your church is like this ... RUN! By the way I am a Baptist and a Calvinist. My own church is a super place - I am not broad brushing all Baptists!

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