Newtown and "the problem of evil"

Where is God At Times Like These? A meditation in the wake of a violent atrocity.

One of the great mysteries to to believer and non-believer alike is the mystery of evil and suffering. If there is a God who is omnipotent and omniscient how can he tolerate evil, injustice, and suffering of the innocent? Where was God yesterday when the shootings in Connecticut occurred? Where is God when a young girl is raped, when genocide is committed, when evil men hatch their plots? Why Did God even conceive the evil ones, and let them be born?
A Lesson for All from Newtown

... the murders of Newtown are a warning to me — and you. Not a warning to see our schools as defenseless, but to see our souls as depraved. To see our need for a Savior. To humble ourselves in repentance for the God-diminishing bitterness of our hearts. To turn to Christ in desperate need, and to treasure his forgiveness, his transforming, and his friendship.
Comment: The first article is from the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington State. I thought both articles were good. Image source


  1. One more: Evil as a Social Construct

    The random acts of violence in our society demonstrates how desperately wicked we are. What profoundly sad news this week from both coasts. When people in the news ask why? My question in return is why not? If we have no ultimate standard to appeal to in our society, and are simply left to our own self-declared authority, then how is a massacre any different than a day at the beach? I am not claiming that I am any better or beyond evil, since I share in the same fallen humanity, but the Law of God acts as a restraint, and if it is not taught to our children then we are abusing them and are more likely to grow up despairing in the meaninglessness of it all, so why not be bad? What is bad anyway if there is no real truth, but a social construct and nothing more.

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  2. 12/16 from American Thinker: A Needless, Senseless, Tragedy:

    Our culture is indeed becoming so corrupt it stinks, and it is not surprising that evil now finds such an easy home here. Gun control will not cure this. Stricter laws will not cure this. Stricter enforcement may not even cure this. The only cure is a healthy society, a humble society; a society whose strong Christian heritage used to make it uncool to feed off others, uncool to boast, uncool to have a self-serving attitude; uncool to ignore the Golden Rule.
    This is nothing new. The pattern has been repeated since the days of antiquity. When a society finds and abides in God, health, peace and affluence follow; when it forgets God, disaster is not far behind.
    We as a nation have forgotten God.

  3. Evil has one virtue, it's unrelenting in fulfilling its duty. Quote for today from my book: The Benefit of Light by Jim McMillen


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