2013 S&P 500 Predictions

Comments: Obviously I do not have the expertise, acumen or gravitas as the others! My prediction is simple 5% growth and presumes that the fiscal cliff is resolved.


  1. S&P to Hit 1550 in 2013: Strategist

    The S&P 500 will hit 1550 this year after an initial bumpy ride in the first half of the year, Chad Morganlander, Portfolio Manager at Stifel Nicolaus predicted Wednesday.

    "It'll be a bumpy ride for the first half of the year - we expect U.S. GDP to be around 2 percent but it will be dead in the water for the first quarter to second quarter and then re-emerge once capital spending kicks in and the housing market improves. We should see a return of around 7 to 8 percent in the United States based on S&P earnings of $105 for 2013,"Morganlander said


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