Man who has been "unemployed practically [his] whole life." offers to buy Hostess

The Fight to Buy Hostess: Main Street vs. Wall Street

Of the two thousand Hostess Brands documents filed in the last year with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, it's one of the most recent ones - a handwritten, five-page letter on loose-leaf notebook paper - that stands out the most.

In document #1890, Don Sheridan of Wellesley, Mass., writes to say the Judge, the CEO, and the company's advisers should allow him to prepare a proposal for the Twinkie maker and its 30 brands.

... Sheridan would hardly seem a viable competitor. He is 59 years old, battling cerebral palsy and living on welfare. His academic qualifications are slim: He flunked out of accounting school at a younger age and, in conversations over the phone, describes himself as being "unemployed practically [his] whole life."
Comment: This is not "The Onion" - documentation

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  1. If a follow up article reported said man lived on a diet of Twinkies, it would not surprise me!

    See Twinkie defense


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