Investing in the Food Companies

The Insider's Guide to Food Investing

It’s time to be bullish on everything related to food—restaurants, food producers, fertilizers, equipment makers, even water, says Ramesh Gulati. He tells Kate Stalter about a slew of well-known and not-so-well-known names that could benefit by growing demand for agricultural products
Comment: My chart: Not all are direct competitors. A target stock for 2013 is Nestle (I have all of 5 shares!). I like them because people have to eat and these are major food producers / distributors. I don't have all of the stocks on my list. I do have General Mills (GIS). Most pay a reasonable dividend. Click on image to enlarge


  1. I really need to talk with our legal department to see what food companies I can invest in. Most of those are our competitors.

  2. I think your legal department (or ethics department would be ok but good to check.

    A fellow member of my church challenged my ethics about investing in other banks (a couple of years ago when I bought 5th Third). I called our ethics department and they cleared me.

    Unethical lines (among others): can't take a gift from a customer or vendor (and I'm not in a position that that is offered anyway). Can't be on a board of a competitor (ditto). Can't buy a house that is being sold by the company - Wells Fargo real estate owned property.

    I also asked about investing in Prosper loans because same guy challenged me on that. Ethics said OK with that too.

    I'm no longer in Prosper loans but I do have stock in US Bank and JP Morgan Chase (and 2 other smaller banks)


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