C-Diff update

  • After weeks and weeks of drugs (starting the first week of October)
  • And multiple (lost track) Doctors visits
  • 4 days hospitalized (October 20th - 24th)
  • Maxing out my out of pocket medical deductible for the year ($ 5,000). (I'm not complaining ... all bills are paid!)
  • 7 weeks of missed work
  • The lab results indicate that my innards (the hill-billy term for one's colon) are free from C-Diff
  • Ahead:
    • I will be having a colonoscopy coming up (to be scheduled but I am guessing the week of 12/17)
    • My digestive system is still struggling and I am to avoid all milk products (soy milk is OK)
    • I return to work on Monday!!! Yeah!

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