Oracle and Dell: Two promising Tech stocks

Oracle's Profit Rises 18% Despite Cliff Fears

In the latest quarter, sales of new software increased 17% to $2.4 billion. Support fees for previously-installed programs climbed 7% to $4.3 billion. For the second period in a row Oracle reported sales of "cloud" versions of its software that is accessed over the Internet. These were $230 million in the quarter, up from $222 million the previous quarter. After long dismissing the cloud, the company has started to offer a broad range of programs this way, some it acquired and others that it developed itself.
Comment: (links to Trefis and Yahoo Finance): Oracle Corporation (ORCL) and Dell (DELL). Oracle is used widely where I work. Dell is a preferred vendor for PC's and our Windows 7 upgrade project. Images are screen shots from Trefis. Dell is NO H.P.!

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