Congress doing what Congress does best

Comment: Image source: What Americans think of Congress’s procrastination — in one chart. I used Paint Shop Pro to modify.


  1. My wife has been saying this all along:

    Budget Compromise Takes Shape:

    And it is possible, even if a deal is reached, that Congress won't complete voting on Monday. While the Senate could move, it is possible the House will wait until Tuesday. After Dec. 31, when the Bush-era tax code expires, lawmakers would be able to call the bill a tax cut for most Americans.

  2. This one's not fixed yet and right around the corner:

    Next Fiscal Crisis Begins in 3, 2, 1…

    Lost in all the fiscal-cliff hullaballoo on Monday was the fact that the U.S. government hit its $16.394 trillion borrowing limit on New Year’s Eve. That means the Treasury Department can only move assets around for another six to eight weeks before the government can no longer pay for all its obligations.

    Republicans have already said they will demand major spending cuts in exchange for any agreement to raise the debt ceiling. The White House has said it won’t negotiate on the ceiling and will demand that Congress raise it on its own.


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