Nestlé - Giant of the Food companies

Wikinvest: Nestle (NSRGY)

Nestle owns several major consumer brands such as Stouffers, Nescafe, Kit-Kat, Carnation, Nestle Water, and many others. All in all, 30 of Nestle's products earned 1 billion CHF or more during 2010, making Nestle a major force in the global food and beverage industry

... With only 42% of its food and beverage sales coming from North America, Nestle is one of the most geographically diverse of the major food and beverage companies.

... As retailers push private label products, the ability to earn and maintain shelf space at groceries, convenience stores, and other retail outlets plays a large role in the profitability of packaged food companies. Nestle's large portfolio of prominent consumer brands helps it maintain and increase its shelf space presence despite the growing private label trends, giving it an advantage over competing firms that lack such a strong brand portfolio. .

.. Nestle is divided into eight units, of which at least four contributed more than 10% to annual sales. This speaks to not only the company's diverse interests, but also its strength in each of the respective markets
Comment: Not a super exciting stock .... but I think it will be a solid dividend payer. Home page. Yahoo Finance page.

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