The Wells Fargo / Wachovia Technology Integration

Wells Fargo and Wachovia: The technology integration of two giants


We had a mantra inside the business organization that we think of as a best practice, which is, select [a Wells Fargo or Wachovia system] A or B, but never [create a new] C. The reason you do that is because you want to make sure you move into a stable platform. If you build a new model in the middle of integration, you’ll run into some burn and bumps, and we didn’t want to impact our customers.

Out of 4,000 bundles of applications, we ended up with less than five Cs. Those were things that just couldn’t scale or had functionality problems. When you start changing out the architecture, or building new application code, that’s when you put your customers at risk.

Comment: 4000 applications .... 3 years. Kathee and I are in the middle of this ourselves. It's been interesting.

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