The 'Waziristan Mansion'

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His 'Waziristan Mansion' Was No Cave


The sprawling compound spread over an acre of lush green farmland covered with eucalyptus trees was occupied by bin Laden at least since August of last year, according to intelligence reviewed by Pakistani officials. Residents said it had been occupied since 2005.

A three-story building sits in the middle of the compound surrounded by concrete walls some 14 feet high that are topped by barbed wire and contained security cameras. Some residents also claimed it had an underground area.

Some residents said the house was known in the area as "Waziristan Mansion" as it was owned by a man from Waziristan tribal region—the mountainous Pakistani area where many assumed bin Laden had sought refuge.

Some Pakistanis living around the compound thought the activity there was unusual. Though residents couldn't see inside, they said they frequently saw one person entering the house, who gave contradictory stories about himself. At times, he said he was in the transportation business, at other times a contractor or a money changer. He introduced himself as Rashid, and they suspected he was from Waziristan.

Comments: In a way it was his prison! I would like to know who owned the 'Waziristan Mansion' More from the NYTimes

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