The last Vanco

I took my last Vancomycin today! I tood my last Rifaximin on Friday morning. So now I am done with antibiotics (have been on one antibiotic or another since January 10th)

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This post is mostly for me ... to keep track of.

Lord willing I will be traveling Memorial Day weekend to Arlington TX to see my Mother. We almost always travel there in late April or early May. Many times for Mother's Day. Mom's 91st birthday will be Monday. I had hoped to be there for her birthday but now aiming for Memorial Day. Please pray that I have sufficient improvement to travel by car.

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  1. Hopefully, you won't have to worry about it again, but did you do any research to see if Capsaicin (peppers) will kill off this bacteria? I know it kills off bad bacteria in the throat and stomach.


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