C-Diff - Round 4

Sad to say that Round 4 (my third relapse) began on Mother's Day. I was sick in the afternoon. That night I called Methodist Hospital and talked to the on-call Infectious disease Doctor and she prescribed a four week regimen of Vancomycin. Kathee just made it to the Walgreens before closing. They only had 4 of the 112 pills. I took 1 Sunday night and three yesterday. Kathee picked up the other 108 today.

I managed to not take off work. I worked from home yesterday and today.  I am going to try to work through this time. I had brought my laptop home last Thursday so there was no need for a special trip downtown to pick it up

Thanks for your prayers. I had hoped to visit my Mother and Sister in Dallas at the end of the month. I'm not sure if that is off or not. Perhaps I will be healed by then. Trusting the Lord. He has a purpose in this. Thankful for a caring wife!

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