Required Reading for High School Seniors!

Most Common Jobs Among Lowest Paid


The mean wage last year was $21.35 per hour or $44,410 a year. Of the 10 largest fields, registered nurses were the only employees to earn more than the national average. Nurses earned $32.56 an hour. In contrast, waiters and waitresses earned $9.99.

Jobs that accounted for the smallest share of employment tended to pay better. Legal occupations and life, physical and social science professions, which each represented 1% of employment, were the sectors with the smallest share of employment. Positions in those fields generally paid above-average. Judges, for instance, earned $50.67 an hour.

Comment: Click through for Interactive Graphics: This should be required reading for High School Seniors (and Juniors). If one majors in [you-name-the-race] studies (see earlier post), you had better be a football player.

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