Europe: McDonald’s "a symbol of cosmopolitanism and a modern urban lifestyle among the young"

McDonald’s Economics


McDonald’s in Europe are different, the economists explain, and not just because in France a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is known as a Royal Cheese. “Unlike in North America and in some other parts of the world, McDonald’s restaurants are considered in Europe to be a symbol of cosmopolitanism and a modern urban lifestyle among the young rather than simply a caterer of fast food to low income people,” they write.

Comment: Image Source: My Trip to Paris. Meanwhile in Wisconsin: What's it like to eat 25,000 Big Macs? Ask Don Gorske. I like Big Macs. Our Plymouth McDonald's has great service. I would like to buy McDonald's stock (on my potential buy list)

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  1. Cramer on MCD

    McDonald's (MCD) has enormous international exposure and strong marketing. MCD yields 3.3% and trades at 16 times earnings with a 10% growth rate. While Cramer likes McDonald's, it is not his top international restaurant growth pick.

    Yum (YUM) is the king of overseas exposure with half of its profits coming from outside the U.S.; 36% of sales are from China, 36% are from the U.S. and 28% are from the rest of the world. It is estimated that in 2013, China will make up 42% of Yum's business. On the home front, Yum is expanding its high-margin Taco Bell franchise. Yum is Cramer's top restaurant pick of the day; it has the most upside from international markets with the least risk, and sells at a multiple of 19 with a 135 growth rate.


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