How they should have "buried" Bin Laden

Bin Laden, who denied burial to many, buried with respect to Islam


"We are ensuring that is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition."

Comment: Fargo "Wood chipper" scene


  1. I was thinking that a coffin made of pork chops would have been a nice touch.

  2. Not pork chops. That would waste good pork! I'd suggest wrapping the body in a couple of pig hides, and then placing the hogs' intestines (not cleaned out of course) in with the corpse.

    I heard that some Muslim clerics are complaining that the burial wasn't "proper" because the head won't stay pointed towards Mecca. Given that the man was responsible for thousands of innocents not getting a burial at all, I don't think I'll stay up at night all worried about this.

  3. The comments I've seen about wrapping the body in bacon and burying it under a hog farm also seemed more appropriate.

    It's not like the burial method they chose satisfied anyone - I also saw that they consider a burial at sea only appropriate if the death happened there.


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