Rainy day movie day - "The Conspirator "

Comment: Civil war buffs may enjoy this period piece. First link is a movie review by a Civil War historian.

The Conspirator [Movie Review]

Now Roger Ebert's spin on this:

The Conspirator [Movie Review]


Redford considers this material in an unusually literate and thoughtful historical film, working from years of research by his screenwriter, James Solomon. I found it absorbing and relevant today. It is useful to reflect that it isn't "her" constitutional rights that are being violated, but our own, because the Constitution must be seen to work equally for all or it loses its strength for everyone. The language and reasoning of Stanton echo with similar statements by Bush and Cheney in defense of the Patriot Act, and Reverdy Johnson in this reading would represent Obama, more a compromiser than an idealist.

Final comment: I had a hard time staying awake.

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  1. More ponderings. I thought the first movie review (above) was about right. The film whet my appetite to dig deeper. Significant links (worthwhile digging into):

    Frederick A. Aiken's Defense of Mary Surratt

    Trial of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators

    Excerpts from the 1865 Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial


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