"You just don't think enough about My mother"

What Jesus did not say about His Mother


The New Testament is primarily about Jesus, not about Mary. She has played her role -- pivotal, yet taking up less space in the inspired text than the patriarchs, Moses, David, Peter, Paul, or even Job. As a devoted Son, in His dying moments Jesus assures Mary's continued care (John 19:25-27). Then she basically vanishes from the text, apart from one last appearance in Acts 1:14, where she has finally taken her place on a level plane with every other Christian, in prayer and worship of her risen Son.

So what would Mary say to us today, were she to speak? Would she bid our attention on her, summon the spotlight from her Son to herself to any degree, try to increase her place in the Christian's worshipful consciousness?

Or would she not rather reiterate what she had already said - "Whatever He tells you, do" (John 2:5)?

To ask the question is to answer it. We best honor Mary not by idolatrously focusing on her person, but by embracing her example of humble, devoted, Biblically-informed, self-disregarding, God-centered faith.

Comment: I'm gagging over all of the "Happy Holidays" ... and Santa fascination of the season. Kathee just finished reading the nativity narratives in Matthew and Luke.

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  1. A couple years ago we purchased an "Advent Tree" calendar that includes selected scripture and some history text with each day's symbol. Updating that as a family each night has really helped keep the focus of the season in the right place!


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