Winter experiences

I would like to thank my dear Brother Dan S. who volunteered to come by to help me. I did not take him up on the offer but I really appreciated it.

Kathee and I went outside at 10:00 a.m. There was a large (2' tall) drift by one garage door. We worked outside for more than half a hour. My across the street neighbor (Paul) helped as well (the tractor got stuck three times). I normally do my side neighbor's but I knew I wouldn't be able to so Paul volunteered to snow blow her driveway. Now inside relaxing. I'm not going to plow a second time ... relying on the promise that Green Horizons will plow tonight.

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  1. Green Horizon arrived at just past 9:00 pm. Alberto and Carlos! Alberto shoveled from the driveway to the house and Carlos drove the large truck with plow.

    We invited them in. Kathee served up coffee and cookies and we gave each of the Gospel of Johns!

    Thank you Lord! For all the help I had today! Paul my neighbor! Kathee my wife. And these men who came tonight.


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