Season of Stock Predictions

Jim Cramer's Top Dow Picks for 2011


I expect the Dow to hit 13,365 next year-- a 16% gain from current levels and a bountiful return -- based on a prognostication of the performance of the individual members of the venerable index. Although I am a bottoms up guy, as a backdrop I am presuming a resumption of decent U.S. growth courtesy of the Federal Reserve -- call it 3% to 4% -- continued worldwide growth, a stable-to-slight decline in the dollar and a decent increase in interest rates (30-year Treasury bond going to 4.8%) as befitting a return to economic health.

Comment: Way too optimistic (my view). Cramer looks at each of the Dow components

10 Best Dow Dividend Stocks for 2011

# 1:

Coca-Cola (KO)

Comment: I would like to own KO

Top Stock Picks Under $5 for 2011


Stocks trading under $5 typically have no analysts' coverage -- never mind a "buy" rating -- leaving investors to do the homework for themselves. However, a select few boast of favorable coverage from analysts, which can have a strong effect on share-price movements.

Comment: Citigroup is # 1. I would pass on every one on this list

Barclays' 30 Best Stock Picks for 2011


# 3: TCF Financial(TCB); # 1: AMR Corp.(AMR)

Comment: I wouldn't invest anything in AMR. TCB is interesting. If I were to invest in Banks it would be WFC or JPM. Canadian Banks look even better - Bank Of Montreal

Best Dividend Stocks to Play Defense in 2011

Comment: 3 Tobacco stocks (I will not invest in tobacco). Others look interesting. 2 of the 6 Big Oils mentioned (I like 5 of the 6 Big Oils)

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