Biggest snowstorm since Halloween, 1991?

1-2 Feet of Snow Saturday, Blizzard Conditions Possible (most snow since the Halloween Superstorm?)


This has the potential to be the biggest snowstorm for much of Minnesota since Halloween, 1991.
  • Potential for 1-2 feet of snow Saturday, with 2-5 foot drifts during the PM hours.
  • Close to blizzard criteria - best chance of white-out conditions south/west of the metro area.
  • Get your errands/shopping done today, snow arrives late evening, between 8 and 10 pm, snow gets heavier and steadier as the night goes on - should be snowing heavily when we wake up Saturday morning.
  • Conditions get worse as the day goes on tomorrow as winds increase and snow accumulates (even on the freeways and interstates). Temperatures will fall through the teens into the single digits - making it a light, powdery snow - prone to blowing and drifting.
  • Travel simply isn't recommended Saturday and Saturday night. ...the combination of snow/wind/falling temperatures will create truly treacherous conditions.

Comment: I HOPE NOT. My tractor has a hard time handling more than 6" of snow. It would be a multi-pass proposition. I doubt I would be able to get my driveway "wall to wall" plowed. Plus we have an Church ABF fellowship scheduled for tomorrow night.


  1. I hired Green Horizons to plow for me. They normally don't take one off Winter customers but because I've been a customer for 15 years they agreed. But I will be last on the list. Either late tomorrow or Sunday.

    I'll give it a go with my tractor and do what I can. What I can't ... I'll let them do it.

    (We'll probably only get 1" now!)

  2. See, this is why you need that 140hp diesel....

  3. Let me know if you need any help, even to remove enough to get a car out of the drive way. I have nothing planned for tomorrow.


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