Hasta la vista AltaVista

Yahoo Plans to Shut AltaVista


Yahoo Inc. said it is planning to shut down several "underperforming" and "non-core" Web properties, including the venerable search site AltaVista, as it continues a years-long turnaround effort.


AltaVista, launched in the mid-1990s, became a popular search engine until Google Inc. and others grabbed much of the market several years later. Yahoo also developed its own search technology but struggled to compete with Google and last year reached a deal with Microsoft Corp.'s Bing search engine to power searches for Yahoo sites

Comment: Before people "Googled it" they Yahoo'd it. Before that it was AltaVista. As the Internet Turns! Do many people "Bing it"?

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  1. http://searchenginewatch.com/3641456
    Still google everything. I can honestly say I have never used Bing. I refuse to use it.

    I remember AV. It was a great SE until Google came around. I never liked yahoo, never returned results I wanted.

    Another SE, or rather aggregate of SE, was dogpile. I used to use that quite a lot.


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