I surrender

Winter Weather Advisory: 3" to 6"

My little tractor just can't take it this Winter. Green Horizons came and plowed me out Saturday night. My driveway has walls of packed snow (largely from my side to side plowing on Saturday morning). There is just no where to push snow. So ... I surrendered and hired a plowing service for the Winter (which has not even officially arrived!)


  1. I told you you needed that diesel Deere..... :^)

    (or to borrow my kids every once in a while, but that's a bit of a hike!)

  2. Either that or would a blower attachment handle larger amounts than a plow?

  3. Tobin--I think those are a grand or two, and can clog in heavy, wet snow. I think our gracious host has this one right.

    At least until he gets that 140hp diesel.... :^)

  4. We (Kathee and I) had the conversation again last night (drive home from work) about retirement and where we would like to live. Tennessee is looking better all the time. Mild winters. Low taxes

  5. Man I really (honestly) miss Minnesota winters.


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