On Angry Birds

Why We Can't Stop Playing - Mixing Psychology With Physics, Cute Characters, And Lots of Cheering.


Not since the invention of bacon and eggs has the collision of fowl and swine tasted so good.

A game called Angry Birds is dominating the best-selling-applications charts for Apple's iPhone with a simple, whimsical premise: Players turn different species of scowling birds into projectiles with which to crush a collection of grunting pigs scattered around various ramshackle structures. More than 12 million copies of Angry Birds have been sold since it went on sale late last year, most of them 99-cent downloads for iPhones and iPod touches, according to Rovio Mobile Ltd., the Finnish company that created the game.

Comment: Wiki article. I bought it for the IPAD to give it a try. I'm not addicted but I have tried it out. I can't get by one of the levels so am kind of on hold

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