Jack Booted Feds Stomp on Christmas in Payne

Federal Reserve Orders Private Bank to Remove Crosses and Bible Verse


While the Injustice Department is suing an Illinois school district on behalf of a Muslim teacher and a federal judge has issued an injunction against an Oklahoma measure prohibiting the use of Sharia law in court decisions, a private business in the Sooner State no longer seems to have First Amendment rights. Outrageously, the Federal Reserve has ordered the small Payne County Bank in Perkins, OK to remove religious symbols and sentiments in deference to an anti-discrimination regulation.

Reporting on the story, Koco.com writes that Federal Reserve examiners "deemed [that] a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller's [sic] counter and buttons that say ‘Merry Christmas, God With Us' were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank's Internet site also had to be taken down." The officials claimed that the bank was in violation of, writes Koco.com, "the discouragement clause of Regulation B of the bank regulations. According to the clause, ‘...the use of words, symbols, models and other forms of communication ... [that] express, imply or suggest a discriminatory preference or policy of exclusion [is prohibited].'"

Comment: Local Reporting, Payne County Bank. Looks like issue was resolved. Suggest that all my readers deposit $ 1000 in this bank!

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  1. I had thought that the job of the Fed was to control the amount of currency, make a few basic banking policies like reserve ratios, and make loans to banks. Since when has their job changed to be "micromanager of banks in general?"


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