IT work, snowy days, and just me and the cats

Few outside of the IT (Information Technology) world know about the night and weekend work that IT people often experience.

With over 20 years in IT, I've been on call 24x7, worked evening shifts, overnight shifts, and sometimes 60-70 hour weeks.

I've been called while on vacation multiple times. Called in the middle of the night, called while teaching Sunday School, etc.

Well today it is not me, but my wife (an IT manager). She left early for work this morning (she left at 7:00 a.m.). She is scheduled to work until 11:00 p.m. Is to be back at work at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and to work until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night.

Sunday is the same for her.

Because of the impending snow storm and our vehicle situation, Kathee will be spending the night at a hotel downtown so she does not have to drive home tonight in the snow.

Our second vehicle is a 2002 Chevy S-10. It's a great little truck but is awful in the snow!

Kathee is working what is called a "clean up" conversion associated with a major bank merger . This will be her last conversion weekend this year! The green states will be integrated next year (2011)! I think there will be more clean up activity in '12 and then she should be done!

My plans this weekend:
  • Wendy's chicken sandwich for dinner (drive through and take home)
  • Feed the cats tonight
  • Tonight: Work on Hosea AFB lesson for next weekend
  • Perkins for breakfast
  • Afternoon: Plow snow
  • More work on Hosea
  • Maybe Jimmy Johns for dinner
  • Hopefully see the wife tomorrow night at 7:30


  1. I'm sure you've got someone with four wheel drive to get you takeout if the snow gets too deep?

    (reading your plans, it reminds me how fortunate I am to have a sound spine, two good legs, and a mother who taught me how to cook......it's not just Connie's fault that my eyes and cheeks are not hollow!)

  2. Things are shaping up. I ordered Papa Johns pizza for delivery. My son is coming by to have breakfast with me (he will cook it). Having lunch with Ben Fugate.


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