Stuck in snow ... Good Samaritan

I took my John Deere 325 tractor with plow out this morning at 8:30. At 8:45 I was stuck (could not back up ... could not move forward! I rocked it as much as I could to no avail!). Thankfully I was dressed all in wool (cap, scarf, and coat). Plus had arctic mittens on. I turned the tractor off and prayed. Oh how marvelously quiet the outsides are when it snows.

Kathee's at work. She is my lookout always when I am on the tractor. Normally she will be outside with me.

In probably 8 min a young man came by from Dow's Landscaping. He used his big plow to cut behind me and to the right (my tractor had spun at an angle) and he was able to open up behind me. Another little bit of rocking and I was free and clear.

I praise my Savior!

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