TSA is no more about airline security than ObamaCare was about affordable health care

Why Air Security is the Issue


I submit that if we don't beat back the TSA's assault on innocent travelers, we might lose our nation for good. Or perhaps it would mean we have already lost it.

The reality is that the TSA is no more about airline security than ObamaCare was about affordable health care. Both the organization and the bill are about the dehumanization -- and control -- of theoretically free Americans. Thus, it is critical that Americans win push back efforts against both, because if we lose on these two fronts, we have effectively lost most of our freedom.

Now I realize there have been attacks on human freedoms all over our bureaucracy-infected society long before ObamaCare and Janet Incompetano's "grope and change" policies were in place. I submit, however, that if both our medical care and our mobility are controlled by the whims of government bureaucrats -- issues like toys in Happy Meals or sodium- and fat-free restaurants will be irrelevant.

Private property rights -- which are also under attack everywhere from the IRS to the EPA -- include the acquisition of financial resources. One of the great freedoms provided by those resources is the ability to move about. Those who attack one attack the other. Citizens who are self-sufficient and on the go are much harder to control than those who are not.

It is no coincidence that liberalism flourishes in the big cities, where people live in close quarters in a high-rise urban lifestyle. A nation of Seinfelds is easier to keep tabs on than a nation of Palins. As such, the Seinfelds don't even feel the morphing grip of bureaucrats because they rarely do anything or go anywhere that threatens the bureaucratic state's ability to control.

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