Ménage à trois? No big deal, "I also stole a honey bun from a store when I was 7 or 8 "

Pastor who banned Facebook had three-way sex affair


The Rev. Cedric Miller didn't need Facebook to be part of an extramarital affair.

Miller, 48, who gained national attention this week when the pastor banned his church's leaders from using Facebook because he said it is a portal to infidelity, had himself engaged in a three-way relationship with his wife and a man a decade ago, according to testimony he gave in a criminal case.

Miller, pastor of the 1,100-member Living Word Christian Fellowship Church on Route 35, admitted in his testimony to a sexual relationship that included his wife and a church assistant. Sometimes the assistant's wife was present, he testified.


"It has come to my attention that a very painful part of my past has resurfaced,'' Miller said in an e-mail response Friday, stating that the same testimony was mailed to his church leaders and other pastors a number of years ago.

"This was resolved at that time and accordingly we will not allow it to detract from our mission at hand to save as many marriages as we can,'' Miller wrote.

In his testimony on April 15, 2003, Miller said his wife had an extramarital affair with a church assistant and that he (Miller) said he was present at many of their meetings. And sometimes the assistant's wife was present, Miller said.

"We would talk and laugh and play and just beyond what was appropriate,'' he testified.

Pressed by a defense lawyer to give more detail about what Miller meant by saying "we had crossed the line many times,'' the pastor said: "I mean between the four of us. It was just, I mean there was touching, there was … it was crazy, it was as wrong as wrong could get. Yes.''

"Okay, it was sex, correct?'' the lawyer asked.

"Yes,'' Miller said.

"And you knew about it.''


"And you watched it.''

"Yes,'' Miller said.

"And you knew your wife was engaging in this freely and voluntarily. Correct?''


"And it happened many, many times?''



He testified that the encounters "came to a crashing halt'' when several women in the church accused the assistant of sleeping with them.

"My wife found out about it and she just wanted nothing to do with what was going on with us,'' Miller testified. "And I didn't know what it was for awhile. And it wasn't till, as the other women came out publicly, that's when I found out about it. So, at first I didn't know why she just didn't want any part of it.''

In his e-mail on Friday, Miller said: "There are some very innocent people who could be hurt irreparably by the revisiting of this incident.

"I also stole a honey bun from a store when I was 7 or 8 which I was also reminded of,'' he said.

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Another illustration of the abysmally low standards for Pastoral leadership in some churches.

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  1. If one wonders why it is a bad thing to have a cult of personality around a pastor, this would be a great example.....seems that the pastor in question would also do well to review Colossians 2:23!

    For that matter, if the pastor in question couldn't figure out quickly why what he was doing is wrong, I'm going to have to question his competence to counsel people to begin with!


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