8.5% Property Tax Increase

Property tax increases outrage residents - Despite declining property value, some residents saw large tax increases.


Deborah Gorman was shocked when she got her property tax assessment from Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

The combined total of the 2011 levies hike her property taxes up an estimated 16.2 percent – which is about $1000 more over this year, even though her property has lost 25 percent of its value in recent years.

Gorman was just one of the many Minneapolis residents who packed into the City Council session Thursday evening to voice their concerns about the 2011 budget and how it will be paid for.

The upcoming budget for Minneapolis is at a proposed $1.36 billion, with about 42 percent of funds coming from property tax.

Comment: I'm not in Minneapolis so some details of the article do not pertain to me. But I am in Hennepin County. Although the valuation of our home declined by $ 8,0000, our property taxes are going up 8.5% Most of the increase is associated with the Robbinsdale School District. Our property tax increase amounts to $ 10 per week.

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