Fire Favre - Fix the Vikes

My unvarnished view:

  • This season is lost. Yesterday's loss to the Bears finalized that!
  • Favre clearly has physical issues. Time to release him
  • Favre's performance yesterday - the three interceptions - confirm that he no longer performs at the level he once did and at the level to contribute to the team
  • Favre's sexting scandal still hangs over him. I suspect that when the NFL completes its investigation he will be suspended for several games anyway
  • Many are clamoring for Childress to be fired. I say hold on this
  • Because the season is lost and because Favre is not in the future of the Vikes, let him go now and began to build for next year
  • The sooner the better!


  1. Now hey, I'm loving Favre this year.

    Of course, I've been cheering for the Bears since I was a kid.... :^)

    Seriously, you take a guy with serious joint issues (bones not dope), let him skip camp and come to the team out of shape, and we're surprised he's not performing as he used to?

  2. Hard to believe this was 25 years ago: 1985 Chicago Bears season

    That was one great team!

  3. My nickname that year--as I was 6' tall and all of 135 pounds--was "The Fridge," for obvious reasons.

  4. I, too, am enjoying the Viking's season. As a Packers fan having lived in Minnesota, the MN-GB rivalry always seemed like a bigger deal than GB-Chicago.

    Now that I'm in the Chicago area, we'll see if that changes over time!


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