Cincinnati Financial Corp. (CINF)

3 ETFs and 13 Dividend Stocks to Balance Your Asset Allocation


The relatively high yields of the Financial Services sector also make it appealing to dividend growth investors. The Financial Services sector is well represented in the stocks that I track, accounting for nearly 17%.With most banks falling out of favor, many higher-yielding insurance companies have filled the void, including: Erie Indemnity Co. (ERIE), Harleysville Group Inc. (HGIC), Cincinnati Financial Corp. (CINF) and Mercury General Corp. (MCY).

Comment: The next stock purchase I am considering (CINF). Appeals to me because of high yield (5.2%) / low P/E ratio = 9.89 and relatively easy entry (100 shares for approx $ 3000)


  1. How do you do your stock research, all in all?

  2. Well I am kind of new to this to be honest.

    I follow the Dividend.com blog. I have a large spreadsheet with about 250 stocks that I follow. Basically I am looking for stocks that pay dividends above 2% .. better above 3%. A consistent history of dividend payouts. Generally we do not own any more than 100 shares of any stock (although several stocks we have more of). I use finance.yahoo.com as well


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