A more realistic Republican approach to ObamaCare - "Fix It!"

Don't Repeal ObamaCare, 'Fix' It!


To fix ObamaCare, Congress should first create a non-partisan Commission (HAC, or Healthcare Allocations Commission) staffed with a majority of practicing nurses and doctors, leavened by economists and management experts. This Commission will be tasked with advising the House Ways and Means Committee on which provisions of H.R. 3590 should be funded and which should not.

Next require all Directors tasked with implementing ObamaCare -- there are at least six new agencies -- to submit to the HAC within six months a cost/benefit analysis based on evidence of their Agency, the new regulations, or any other activity embodied in the Healthcare ‘Reform' Bill that will impact patients or our national bottom line.

Each analysis must include hard evidence in two parts: Costs and Patient/National Benefits.

Comment: Interesting approach.


  1. As long as the framework for the Health Care law is in effect, the country is in economic danger. The only solution is repeal the monstrosity.

  2. The liberals can always just re-renforce the law as it was originally intended, once the conservatives are out of power.

  3. Hey Ben, I agree with you that the long term solution is repeal (or rejection by the courts). But as long as Obama is Pres he will veto a repeal and I doubt a 2/3 majority could be reached to override


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