SVU .... my "Turkey" stock of the year

Not every stock turns out as well as one had hoped. The end of the year is a good time to re-balance one's portfolio and perhaps take some capital gains and cut one's losses. I have some capital gains from my Fifth Third trade. This week I will be selling SuperValue (SVU). I bought it for $ 13.44 and will be selling at approximately $ 8.75 for a loss of approximately $ 470.

I've thought about using the wash-sales rule and turn around in buying it again in 31 days but probably will just sell it and use the loss to offset capital gains. The ex-dividend date is 11/29 so I will wait to the end of the week to assure that I will get this quarter's dividend.

In investing one must not be too emotional! It just didn't work out. Time to move on without looking back.

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