A Real Snowstorm!

Snow Tapers (9" officially, totals ranged from 6-12" across metro)


Residents of the Twin Cities were starting to wonder if we would ever see a "real storm" here - it's been a long time, snow has come in dribs and drabs in recent years, 2003-2004 the last "above average" winter with over 66" of snow. Well, Saturday we got a subtle (yet blunt) reminder that La Nina is kicking in, a cooling phase in the Pacific that tends to correlate with snowier winters across the Upper Midwest. Will this continue? No idea - no more big storms in sight between now and Thanksgiving. Today's storm (which took a perfect track - for snow - from Des Moines to Eau Claire) continues to wrap moisture around it's counterclockwise circulation, but the north-south bands of snow are weakening - little additional accumulation expected.

Comment: My guestimate. 9 or 10". It really taxed my John Deere. City plows finally came through after 6:00 p.m. and I went out and cleared the ridge at the end of the driveway. I plowed 4 driveways (mine and three neighbors)

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  1. NYTimes: Snowstorm Causes 400 Minn. Crashes; 2 Die in Wis.

    The storm dumped 11 inches of snow in parts of Eden Prairie, Minn., and 10 inches in the Forest Lake and Mankato areas, said Todd Krause, a federal meteorologist in Minneapolis. The major snowfall activity ended by early afternoon, and Sunday's forecast looked milder, he said.


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