What I learned from Fraud on CC

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What I did right:

  • I check my CC balances every day and keep an eye out for anything suspicious
  • Because both my wife and I use common credit cards, we talk about our expenditures and know what each are spending (we have a weekly financial meeting every Tuesday night (about 15-20 min) to review all finances
  • We use Mint to aggregate all spending in one place. Mint is a great service and I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, it was on Mint that I first saw the fraud
  • I called my CC provider immediately when I had suspicious activity. I also called the restaurant where I had last used the card (spoke to the manager there)
  • Later in the day when I checked the Chase CC site directly and saw additional fraudulent activity, I called Chase and canceled the card (its replacement is to arrive today)
  • I followed up yesterday with a call to the Chase fraud department

What I could have done better:

  • I immediately shredded the card Monday night. This turned out to be a minor mistake as when you call Chase they want the CC # or at least the last 4 digits. Additionally the hot line number for the card was on the back and I had a hard time finding the correct number at Chase to call
  • When I called Chase and had the phone menu system, I was unable to get to a real person without the card #. Ultimately I was able to get the last four digits of the card # from our WF bill pay system


  1. I mentioned this in my previous post. I received superb customer care from Chase!

  2. Stay away from places that print out your whole card number on the receipt. Use only vendors that print out the last digits.


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