Shaved my head

How To Shave Your Head

Not for everyone but I tried this look today:

  • Kathee buzzed it fairly short with a rake on the Wahl clippers
  • She did another pass without a rake. Just stubble left
  • I wet down my head twice with a warm wash cloth
  • Kathee lathered up my head and
  • With a fresh razor shaved it

How it feels ... weird! Comfortable .... cool ...

Already tonight I can feel that there is some growth

Not sure if I will do it again but will see


  1. This is my husband's new favorite look for summer...I told him it helps that he has a nice head...no points or corners, ya know. :)

  2. I buzz what little I have with the clippers set on "1". "She who must be obeyed" won't let me shave it. Probably because, with a head as large as mine, someone would mistake me for a giant Tootsie Roll Pop.

  3. End of day # 1: head feels like sandpaper

    Tomorrow I face the mocking at work! :)

  4. I remember in college thinking how cool it could be to simply shave my head instead of paying $10 every few weeks to get my flattop renewed by the barber.

    And then I remembered that, at the time, a completely bald head on a young "fishbelly white" man meant "skinhead," not "Michael Jordan." So the flattop stayed until I decided to grow it out a touch.

  5. Looks great! I've been shaving my head (because I was losing it anyhow) for about 4 years - I really enjoy the ease of it.


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