The Bush derangement syndrome

CBS Decides Al and Tipper's Separation is the Fault of....George W. Bush


Is there anything a journalist cannot or will not twist to bring the topic back to how life would be so much better if only not for that awful George W. Bush? On Tuesday's CBS Evening News, with the help of the Washington Post's Sally Quinn, Sharyl Attkisson managed to blame news, that Al and Tipper Gore are separating, on how they never got over being denied the presidency despite winning the popular vote in 2000. If only Bush hadn't taken it from them.

Attkisson recalled "it's been ten years since that oddly public passionate kiss at the Democratic convention. That was followed by Gore winning the popular vote for President but losing the electoral vote. Family friend Sally Quinn says that may have done the marriage irreparable harm."

Viewers then heard from Quinn, who's married former Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee and is now titular overseer of the paper's "On Faith" blog: "He obviously suffered a lot and still is suffering. He'll never get over that and neither will she."

Attkisson cheekily began her story: "While Al Gore was out fighting global warming, his marriage to Tipper was apparently cooling."

On ABC's World News, Claire Shipman offered a simpler explanation, sans the political grudges: "The Gores have told friends they've simply grown apart. Tipper embracing the perks of a post-political life like grandchildren and travel. The former Vice President relishing his role as an award-winning environmental activist and not eager to slow down."

Comment: Or maybe not Exclusive: Al Gore Cheats with Larry David's Ex

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  1. Regarding the cheating allegations; keep in mind that magazines like the Star are too often known for writing stories to skirt the very edge of libel law. While that doesn't differentiate them as much as it ought to from the mainstream media, it does mean we ought to take their story with a grain of salt.

    But if true, what a disaster for both Gores!


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