Cableland's oddities

Denver Aims to Sell Home Too Odd to Be the Mayor’s


12-foot fire pole in the master bedroom, the 88 television sets and the retro tanning bed ...

... portraits of barely clad women in the bathroom, personal notes from Gerald R. Ford and John F. Kennedy adorning the walls and a pink baby grand piano ...

Comment: I agree with this assessment

“I used to joke that he was a man for whom money was no object and pleasure was the only object,” said Mr. Hickenlooper, whose wife vowed that she would sooner live in the county jail after staying a weekend at the Cableland mansion with their young son.

Official site: Cableland. Streeview

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  1. Naturally, it seems better for those in power to sell an asset instead of taking down some of the TVs and pictures. Gosh, you'd have to spackle some holes in the walls if you got rid of some of the idiot boxes and such....whether or not the home is appropriate for a mayor, you've got to shudder at the lack of vision by these guys.....


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