The Threat Landscape - Factoids

Comment: From Threat Landscape presentation today

  • 71% percent of malicious Web sites are actually legitimate sites that have been compromised by attackers
  • In the 2nd half of 2009, there was a 225% growth in malicious Web sites over 2008
  • By the end of 2009, research reveals that spam accounts for 96% of all business email–equating to only 1 in every 298 emails being legitimate
  • 81% of emails during the 2nd half of 2009 contained a malicious link
  • Symantec created 2,895,802 new malicious code signatures in 2009 (71% increase over 2008, 51% of all malicious code signatures ever created)
  • Symantec documented 4,501 vulnerabilities in 2009 –only 47% of which could be corrected through vendor patches
  • The estimated “survival” time of an internet-connected computer running Windows without security is under 6 minutes

Comment: How about that final point!

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  1. Those are crazy stats. Good thing I run only Linux and OSX at home.

    Shouldn't point 3 be, 4 in every 100 is legitimate if 96% are not. Or were there other things they were taking into consideration with 1 in every 298?


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