Put your money on the companies that you hate the most

Betting on the Bad Guys


I hate BP, but I admire them too, in the same way I respect the work ethic of serial killers. I remember the day I learned that BP was using a submarine…with a web cam…a mile under the sea…to feed live video of their disaster to the world. My mind screamed "STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LOVE YOU! MUST…THINK…OF DEAD BIRDS TO MAINTAIN ANGER!" The geeky side of me has a bit of a crush on them, but I still hate them for turning Florida into a dip stick.

Apparently BP has its own navy, a small air force, and enough money to build floating cities on the sea, most of which are still upright. If there's oil on the moon, BP will be the first to send a hose into space and suck on the moon until it's the size of a grapefruit. As an investor, that's the side I want to be on, with BP, not the loser moon.

I'd like to see a movie in which James Bond tries to defeat BP, but in the end they run Bond through a machine that turns him into "junk shot" debris to seal a leaky well. I'm just saying you don't always have to root for Bond. Be flexible.

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  1. Delightful......and I'd pay to watch a Bond movie where Bond doesn't do so well.....maybe....nah...

  2. I thought it was a funny read as well.

    I have my own investment strategy (not that I know what I am doing). I'm buying stocks that pay dividends. Like recently FE (First Energy). No dividend .... not on my radar. We omit stocks that market products we find offensive (like the tobacco companies).

    It's hard making $$ in the stock market.


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