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Together, the FCC and Samknows are setting out to provide US consumers with reliable and accurate statistics of their broadband connections. If you are interested in using one of our units to measure your home broadband connection, then please sign up below. You will get to play a part in changing the face of the American broadband industry and you also get a free high-speed wireless router!

It's worth taking the time to read through the requirements before applying. We like to think that we're a pretty welcoming bunch, but we currently have only 10,000 routers to give away, so please note that not everyone who registers here will necessarily receive a unit - we do however thank all of you for helping to make American broadband better - and if we can't send you a router this time, we'll make sure you're at the top of the list for the next round.

How fast is your broadband? FCC wants volunteers to test connection speeds


The Federal Communications Commission wants broadband users to know more about this premium service, specifically the speed that’s being delivered to their homes.

To do that, it must determine what’s currently happening in the marketplace. Today, the commission announced it would conduct a speed test in 10,000 homes across the country.

Would you like to take part in this scientific study? You can register as a volunteer for the Broadband Community Panel at http://www.testmyisp.com/. If your home is selected, you will be able to track the performance of your broadband service and provide important data to the FCC.

The results will part be of the “State of Broadband” report, which is scheduled to be released later this year. Will this work lead to new regulations? Gurin tells me it’s too early to tell. It’s also possible the industry will decide to create voluntary standards for broadband service and advertising.

Comment: MSNBC article has a nice plug for http://www.speedtest.net/

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