Working BCP event

BCP = Business Continuity Planning (Disaster Recovery)

About 6-7 times a year, our company has a BCP test. We similate the complete destruction (and loss of data) at our main data center and we bring up the company's data and operations in our BCP (backup) datacenter 1800 miles away. Twice a year we not only bring up the data but also run operations for between 24 and 48 hours.

While I no longer work in BCP, I was asked to partipate in this month's event. I am working remote today at one of our rural data centers. I am working from 3 until 1 a.m. tomorrow.

I am answering phones and basically tracking the progress. I am in a highly secured area with access via what is called a man trap: "A common man-trap in modern physical security protocols includes having two sets of doors such that the first set of doors must close before the second set opens. Identification must be provided for each door, often different measures for each door. For example, a key may open the first door, but a personal identification number entered on a number pad opens the second. These man-traps can be configured so that when an alarm is activated, all doors lock and trap the suspect between the doors in the 'dead-space'.". Twice I have been stuck in the man trap and security has had to get me out. Why? Because with my crutches I do not move fast enough. Oh well.

Now 9:20 p.m.

I took a nice break outside from 8:45 until 9:05. I sat on the tailgate of my pickup truck and called Kathee at the house and later my Mother. What a beautiful night: clear ... almost a full moon.

One bad thing about BCP events is all the junk food: M&Ms, beef jerky, pizza, chips. I have succumbed.

Now on my last leg ... 3 1/2 more hours and I leave for home.

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