The "invisible primary"

Checks and Balances - Wasn't McCain-Feingold supposed to take big money out of politics?


Sens. John McCain and Russ Fiengold failed miserably in their attempt to drive money from politics.


Now Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are shattering any illusion that money isn't central to winning the presidency. Together the two senators raised more than $50 million in the first quarter of this year and are enjoying reams of media coverage for the feat and for having far outpaced Republican candidates.

Shortly before the close of the quarter, Mrs. Clinton made it known that her fund raising wasn't simply about paying for ads and other campaign related expenses. Donating to her campaign was also to be a political statement meant to show that she was still the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination.


The irony is that the very "campaign finance reform" designed to take the big money out of politics has actually infused more $$ into the process! It's as if "get out and vote" means little but "give early and give often" is the new political mantra!

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