What a difference an inch makes!

As I left the office today, I walked along on 3rd Street by the Crossings Bldg. I met a wheelchair bound man in the alley way between the Crossings and 111 Washington. I stopped and chatted with him. He broke his neck at C-3/C-4 in a bicycle accident in the early nineties.

His condition: respirator, “sip and puff” electric wheelchair, totally paralyzed.

The "inch" ... I broke my neck at C-4/C-5 and I am walking, breathing, moving.

Pete was in good spirits. He said "what good does it do to complain?!". He is a Craig Hospital alumnus as am I!

Tomorrow: I work the Shoreview BCP event from 7 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Sunday. Can't say I am looking forward to this.

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