Jonah's Fish

Jonah 2:10, "So the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land"

Kathee and I love this verse:

  1. A fish that vomits a man at the command of God!
  2. In Jonah ... all creation obeys God except Jonah:

    1. The sea obeys God
    2. The sailors obey God (throw Jonah overboard)
    3. The fish obeys God
    4. The people of Nineveh obey God
    5. The plant obeys God
    6. The worm obeys God

  3. Jonah finally does obey God!
  4. Lord help me to obey you!


  1. Set up laptop (imaged)
  2. Decommissioned desktop (am going to keep to use for testing)
  3. Cabled laptop lock
  4. Met with Tom to review expectations
  5. Tom added 512 MB to Thinkpad
  6. Set up Rova (remote access). Brought laptop home to verify functionality. Wireless does not work but works ok wired.

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