Move Day - 2

Today spent most the day:

  • Showing Bill how to use Enterprise Manager for SQL Server
  • Writing sample code to illustrate:

    • Sending a confirmation email on Cold Fusion submit (CFMAIL at the time of insert)
    • Having a variable message submitted via a form

Years ago I met Trent G. at Craig Hospital in Denver. He was visiting a friend who had broken his neck, and I was there ministering. Both of us worked for the same bank in Minneapolis (pre-merger).

I've kept in touch with Trent over the last decade or so. Now he is writing Cold Fusion code and is looking to me for help!

The move folk had my moving to the 11th floor instead of the 14th floor. The move coordinator noticed that my data jacks were for the 14th floor, but my mail code was for the 11th. She got it resolved! Thanks Jackie!

Tonight having dinner with brother-in-law and sister-in-law at Applebee's

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