Dinner w. Dennis G

I had dinner with Dennis last night at the Byerly's on Duluth in Golden Valley. Dennis Pastors two churches in Boy River Minnesota. He is one busy guy ... works a full work week in the Twin Cities, drives up to Boy River on Friday night or Saturday morning (180 miles) ... preaches at two churches on Sunday ... spends time with his church folk ... and back to the Twin Cities on Sunday night. Weeknights he is preparing his messages. I admire Dennis and he is doing what I wish I were doing.

Friday: Errand day and Kathee and I have the day off. Isanti Power Equipment was by to take the snow plow off my tractor and put the mower deck on. Also the Squeegee Squad was by to clean windows.

I updated the www.zemeski.org and the FFBC websites.

Kathee is cleaning house.

It is a nasty cold day ... is just about 40 degrees and rainy.

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